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Willow (Year 6)

Welcome to Willow Class! 



Summer 1 


Since SATs are now over, we are doing lots of writing. We have held an election, and are doing lots of extra curricular activities like going to Taachi Morris, baking for our cake sale and visiting our secondary schools.


In maths, we are working on financial education. This week we have looked at whether special offers in the shops are good value or not. If you go shopping with your child this week, see if they can spot the different kinds of offers shops have, or even help you find out if things are good value or not. We will talk about earning and saving money over the next couple of weeks.


We will soon be holding our Sex and Relationships Education lessons with the children. A letter will go out to you in plenty of time to let you know about this.


The children are working on their transition to secondary schools, and might find this an emotional time.  Please let Mrs Cottrell know if there is anything that your child is concerned or worried about so we can work on it with them.



It is Year 6’s turn to go swimming this term. The cost is £2.50 per child per visit. Please make sure that your child has their swimming kit with them on Wednesdays.


If you have anything you wish to discuss, please let us know. Thank you in advance for your support.

Mrs Cottrell

Year 6 Class Teacher



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