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Summer 1 2018 - Rivers

Our Geography based topic for this half of the term we will be learning about:

- Locating rivers using maps

- Consider key features of rivers

- To identify key components of the water cycle

- Undertake field work and collecting/recording data

- Study and draw native rivers.



 In our fiction writing we will be focussing on writing narrative texts, building on the character and setting descriptions we looked at last half term. Non-fiction writing will be about explanation, non-chronological reports and discussion texts. At the end of this term we will explore a range of poetry. The children will have spellings sent home every Friday, this will be alongside daily 20 minute spelling activities, with tests happening the Friday after. Thank you in advance for your support encouraging the learning of them.



Reading at home is greatly encouraged. Please can the children have their reading records signed to show they have read five times during a week. It can be anything at all (comics, internet articles, game instructions etc.) but please make notes and comments. We are looking in detail at comprehension of what we are reading questioning the children on what they have read is greatly appreciated.



In maths lessons, we will be looking at fractions and time until the half term. This will involve a range of methods for calculating fractions, as well as learning our times table facts so we can recall them quickly and accurately. Our time focus will involve practical activities determining the how to tell the time. After half term, Japan class will learning about properties of shape and measuring mass and capacity for everyday situations and conversion.



Year 3 will be consolidating basic computing skills including creating a PowerPoint. Our Core Learning Skills topic will be ‘Health and wellbeing”, including a “Health” week commencing 21st May. I will be running PHSE lessons with the children on Mondays and Class assemblies on Tuesdays.



After the half term, our R.E focus will be learning about Hinduism and the importance of water, including exploring celebrations of other cultures, lives and beliefs of others and understanding common thoughts and ideas across different religions.



After the half term, 4th June the children will be doing a variety of forest school with Miss Davis on Monday afternoons. Over the entire Summer term, PE lessons will be every Tuesday with me so please ensure PE kit and forest school clothes are in school on these days.

After we come back from Easter, the children will be taking part in swimming lessons every Wednesday. See letters provided or contact me or the office for details.




Home Learning Activities- Summer 1

Children can change these tasks being as creative as they want, and it is expected that at least two tasks are finished. These tasks can be brought in at any point during the half term. Homework will also go out weekly with a focus on spelling and times tables. The Rivers project homework has been handed out and focuses on our topic. They will be presented during the week 14th July but can be handed in any day between now and then. See website for details.

I am always available with any queries you may have, or if you just wanted to have a look at your child’s books.

Year 3 Japan Class – Mr. Goodchild




Create cartoon strip involving a story around a river

5 dojo points

Create a poster based on safety around a river



Can you think of 3 ideas to give to our school councillor?



3 dojo points



Make something to do with a river. E.g. model of river, boat, bridge or animal


8 dojo points




Learn all your times tables up to 8 X 12.



5 dojo points





Investigate what noises can be found near a river. What causes them?


3 dojo points






Write an acrostic poem based on; rivers.

4 dojo points






Write a report on your favourite author.


5 dojo points

Share with the class part of one of your favourite stories that includes a river.


2 dojo points



Explain parts of the water cycle, or describe what type of habitat is. You could include what animals live in/near a river.


5 dojo points










Draw or paint a picture of something to do with rivers  E.g. model of river, boat, bridge or animal


3 dojo points

5 dojo points if painted








































I am always available with any queries you may have, or if you just wanted to have a look at your child’s books.


Many Thanks

Year 3 Japan Class – Mr. Goodchild

Reading at home for Key Stage 2