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South Africa (Year 4/5)

Welcome to South Africa Class!

Out of This World 

I hope you enjoyed the summer holidays and welcome back to the new school year. Our topic for this half of the term is ‘Out of this World.’ We will try to be outside during PE and break times as much as possible so could children please have their coats in school at all times.



In our fiction writing we will be focussing on writing a non-chronological report on our class country of South Africa. In other non-fiction writing we will be learning about recount texts. The children have been sent home spellings this week, with tests happening weekly. Thank you in advance for your support encouraging the learning of them. The children have made an excellent start and will continue to earn pen licences if they always show cursive, joined handwriting and PRIDE in their learning.




Reading at home is greatly encouraged. If the children have their reading records signed to show they have read five times during a week they will gain a raffle ticket with the chance to win choosing time. It can be anything at all (comics, internet articles, game instructions etc.) but please make notes and comments, it is greatly appreciated.




In maths lessons, we will be looking at place value this half term. This will involve rounding, ordering, reading and writing numbers, even looking at roman numerals. We will be also looking at our multiplication and division strategies with children getting some multiplication home learning to complete. They will receive a house point if they complete these and return them back to school.




  • Alien sculptures
  • Space painting
  • Spaceship logos
  • Designing rockets



  • Measuring air temperature
  • Water cycle
  • Evaporation and condensation
  • Water cleaning
  • Day and night

  • Earth’s orbit

  • Moon’s orbit

  • Role Play

  • Moon shapes

  • Relative sizes of planets

  • Gravity

  • Names of planets

  • Investigating insulation

  • Rocks and soils



The Year 4 children in South Africa class will be drumming on a Friday afternoon and be gaining an understanding of basic programming skills in Computing. Our Core Learning Skills topic will be ‘Learning with Others’.



The children will be doing a variety of forest school activities alongside PE lessons with Miss Davis on Thursday afternoon. Please make sure your child has their Forest school/PE kit every Thursday. PE will also happen every Monday with me so please ensure PE kit stays in school.




Home Learning Activities- Autumn 1

Home learning tasks have been sent home separately and your child can complete as many of these as they wish. They can change the task being as creative as they want, and it is expected that at least two tasks are finished. These tasks can be brought in at any point during the half term. Homework will also go out weekly with a focus on spelling and times tables.



Make up a story set on a space station in the future. 5 Dojo-points


Design a set of rules/ laws for the new community on Mars

3 Dojo-points




Make a model of a space ship

1 Dojo-points




To be a space engineer you have to be good at maths and physics so learn all your tables to 10 x 10 (rapid recall)

10 Dojo-points



Make up a piece of music or a song that is inspired by Space. Record it or perform it to us.

4 Dojo-points




Poetry Writing

Write a poem about either our planet or an alien one. 3 Dojo-points





the ultimate spacesuit, don’t forget to annotate all the design features

1 Dojo-points





Explain how shadows are formed

3 Dojo-points




Read a science fiction or a fact book about space and write a book review

5 Dojo-points




Write a report on anything that interests you about space.

5 Dojo-points




Draw or paint a picture of an animal that lives on new planet

2 Dojo-points





Make a model of a space station

3 Dojo-points




Please feel welcome to see me with any queries you may have, or if you just wanted to have a look at your child’s books.

Thank you, Mr Murphy.




Reading at home for Key Stage 2