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Russia (Year 5/6)



7th February 2018

We off! It’s all very exciting and what a beautiful day to start on.













Having arrived safely, we have packed our kit away and put our indoor shoes in the boot room ready for when we return.  As you can see the house is really impressive, looks like we are in for a good time.    




We have tried losing them in the maze but they all managed to get out, so it's off for lunch.      








One of the year 4 group have just done their first activity. They have learnt a lot about team work as they helped each other overcome the obstacles. Well done to all.                                                      



1/2 of Year 6 went mountain biking, several overcame some real fears.  Well done to those who went solo for the first time.        






Beautiful view across the Bristol Channel to Wales   









The other year 4 group been testing their skills on the climbing wall. This is Leon half way up being supported by his group.            






The final year 6 group have been testing their sharp shooter skills on the air rifle range.  Some fab shot who made good groups. 







Leadership by example, Mr Murphy leads the way in the stream walk, well stream dive in his case.   







All eaten, ready to go out and do the jumbles. Hooray.









Thursday 8th February

Year 4s starting the day after a good night’s sleep and a big breakfast with grass sledging! 


Year 6 attempting team building challenges, they improved a lot!





Hungry for lunch and more Archery! Team 1 narrow winners and a top score of 32 from Reece!









It's amazing what we can achieve when we communicate, that's listening as well as talking.










Friday 9th February 2018


Everyone had a god night and a hearty breakfast this morning, just setting off to Kilve beach.


Is this the retreat from Dunkirk!





What we need here is a bit more wind! Super fun fossil finding. (Brilliant alliteration there).



Is this British Values? We have been to the beach so we are having an ice-cream!




You heard it first parents, the winners of the tidiest room, the year 6 girls. So, no excuses in the future!








The children will need to be collected from school at the normal time on Friday.  Looking forward to seeing you all then.


Welcome to Russia Class! 


 Great Builders- Spring 1


Great Builders—The Ancient Egyptians!


Over the course of this half-term, our overarching theme will be Ancient Egypt. We will be learning about the varied aspects of Ancient Egypt and how they have influenced modern society.









Our literacy sequence will focus on:

· Writing to explain.

· Writing both a historical and horror narrative.

· Writing to persuade.








This half term we will be concentrating

on the following aspects of the mathematics curriculum:

· Decimals— Identify the value of each digit. Multiply and divide numbers, giving answers up to 3dp.

· Percentages—Calculate percentages and use this knowledge to solve problems.

· Measurement—Convert between units of measurement. Be able to calculate perimeter, area, volume and solve problems involving these.





In science, we will be focusing on:

· Forces

· Rocks and materials



In art, we will be:

· Writing a message in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

· Using a wax resist to create a painting that depicts the different Egyptian seasons.

· Creating an Ancient Egyptian collar.

· Constructing a pyramid.



In PSHE, we will be looking at:

· How judging by appearances can affect others.

· Getting to know ourselves.



The areas we will focus on are:

· The importance of the Nile and farming to the Ancient Egyptians.

· The jobs that the Ancient Egyptians did and comparing them to their modern equivalents.

· What each of the Egyptian gods represented.

· Using primary and secondary sources to understand how the past can be interpreted in different ways.







  • Using the internet to research effectively, sorting information and presenting it.




Appreciating music from different cultures.







Bristol Museum.





Team building activities.





PE kit or Forest School clothing is required every WEDNESDAY.


  •  Homework will be given out on Friday. Your child will receive three Dojo Points upon receipt of his/her homework.
  • There will be a list of spellings for your child to learn with a test conducted the following Wednesday.
  • Please could you make an effort to hear your child read as frequently as possible as it will greatly benefit your child’s literacy. 



If you have any queries or problems please do not hesitate to
come and see me.


Mr Gilborson



Home Learning Activities- Spring 1
The Egyptians


Home learning tasks have been sent home separately and your child can complete as many of these as they wish. They can change the task being as creative as they want, and it is expected that at least two tasks are finished. These tasks can be brought in at any point during the half term. Homework will also go out weekly with a focus on spelling and times tables.




Use hieroglyphs to write a message.


5 dojo points






Practice your 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 multiplication facts.


3 dojo points






Design a model of something to do with Egypt e.g. a pyramid.


3 dojo points





Write some maths questions or word problems to solve using Egyptian number symbols.


5 dojo points







Write instructions or an explanation for mummification


3 dojo points








Write an acrostic poem using the letters of a key ‘topic’ word e.g. Egypt.


5 dojo points








Write a story set in Ancient Egypt.


5 dojo points








Create your own Egyptian style portrait with your name in hieroglyphs.


5 dojo points







Mummify an object!


3 dojo points







Reading at home for Key Stage 2