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Pine (Reception)

Welcome to Pine Class! 

Pine Class - Summer 2 Term



Food, Glorious Food!








This term our topic will be: Food, Glorious Food!

We will use this topic to explore food.



Throughout the half term children will be provided with opportunities and skills to:

  • Talk about events in our own lives
  • Discuss our likes and dislikes
  • Explore language through role play activities
  • Listen for extended periods
  • Ask and answer questions

· Follow and give instructions involving more than one instruction



This half term we will be learning about how to keep ourselves and others healthy.

Children will be given opportunities to use tools and hold these effectively to form recognisable letters correctly.

With sports week at the end of term we will be focusing on developing children’s skills for team games and events.



Our Key Texts this half term may include: I will not eat peas!; Oliver’s vegetables, Handa’s Surprise and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We will be focusing on the following elements for literacy:

  • Understanding rhyme and make up their own rhymes
  • Reading simple non-fiction texts
  • Reading and writing ‘tricky’ words
  • Using phonic knowledge to read and write simple words and sentences
  • Exploring different types of writing such as recounts, letters and descriptions




Our Core Learning Skills topic will be used to explore feelings of happiness, sadness and sharing, Children will be encouraged to form positive relationships and demonstrate sensitivity to other children. As part of the transition process to Year 1 we will discuss how we change over time, how we feel when changes happen, and support children in developing strategies for dealing with change.



Our topic learning will allow opportunities for children to:

  • Explore food textures and colours
  • Explore combining different medium to achieve different results
  • Learn how to create observational drawings of fruit and vegetables
  • Explore different rhymes and poetry
  • Try different instruments and keep a beat



Our Welly Walks will focus on exploring how things grow and developing our own vegetable and herb areas.

We will be exploring foods and drinks that we enjoy and discussing our likes and dislikes


MATHEMATICS This half term we will be focusing on:

  • Identifying one more and one less than a given number
  • Recognising, writing and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond
  • Using and understanding the language of addition and subtraction
  • Counting in ones, twos and tens
  • Naming and describing two and three dimensional shapes
  • Using the language of time – day, night, o’ clock, half past



Reading: Children are keen to win a prize from the box. Help your child achieve this by encouraging them to read for a few minutes every night. Children can read their school reading book, word cards or a book from home.

Children will receive a house point for each time that they read. In addition, each time your child reads at home they will receive a raffle ticket and will be entered into the draw at the end of the week.




Children are in groups for daily phonics. Look out for new tricky words that will be sent home over the coming days and weeks. 


PE KIT: PE clothes are needed in school every day. During the Summer term will begin having games outside in addition to the hall.


HOME LEARNING                                                                            

The children’s home learning this half term is a series of different activities. Please see the separate home learning sheet.



Please feel free to pop in and see me at the end of the day
if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Mrs Hodgson


Home Learning Activities – Pine Class  
Theme focus – Food, Glorious Food!

Please share your home learning with us! Bring items, pictures or photos into school and feedback can be given. 


Number based/ICT

Join Katy and her helpers as they cook and explore foods on the Cbeebies programme ‘I can cook’.


With adult help visit and complete the human body activity. Watch how food travels through the body!



Make your own Hungry Caterpillar book.

Draw pictures or cut out photos from magazines of foods that your caterpillar would like to eat.

Think about healthy foods – which foods do you enjoy that are healthy? Ask your family and friends to tell you about their favourite healthy foods.


Creative Thinking

Look in your cupboards or fridge and write a list of your 5 favourite foods.

Role play visiting a café or restaurant.

Design your own menu and invite family and friends to join in a pretend meal.



Teacher’s Feedback

Please share your home learning with us! Bring items, pictures or photos into school and feedback can be given.


Dough Disco! This activity helps to strengthen children's fine motor muscles to enable them to develop their pencil grip which in turn will help to develop their writing skills. But most of all it's fun!

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