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Our school’s Parent and Family Support Advisor (PFSA) is Debbie Mason and she can be contacted through the school office or on her mobile, 07522 237021. Please pick up a PFSA leaflet from the school office for further information.


What is the role of a Parent Support Advisor?

- To enable children to gain maximum benefits from education
- To work in partnership with families and school to help your child reach their full potential
- To work closely with other professionals where necessary or to direct you to other services which may be of use
– To be there to listen to you or your child if you are experiencing difficulties

PFSAs can help families by advising and working with you on issues such as:
- Building a partnership between home and School 
- Behaviour (in and out of school) 
- Parenting Concerns 
- Family Issues 
- Emotional Lifestyles 
- Healthy Eating 
- Attendance at School 
- Housing 
- Budgeting 
- Feeling Isolated 
- Support for parents/carers who want to go back to work or education

PFSAs can also be available just to listen and support if you feel you need someone to talk to.

Our PFSA can be contacted through your school or on her mobile.
PFSAs can arrange to meet you in school/home or meet you somewhere convenient for you to have chat and a coffee. They are also available during the school holiday.