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Morpurgo (Year 4/5)

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Summer 2 Term - Rivers


Our topic for the Summer term is Rivers. The weather will hopefully improve and we plan to be outside during PE and break times as much as possible so could children please have their coats and PE kit in school whenever possible.


We will be looking at:

· Changes in rivers  

· River processes

· Key features of a river

· Water cycle

· Maps

· Water colour landscapes

· Studying and building bridges.





  1. In our fiction writing we will be focusing on writing narrative texts, building on character and setting descriptions. We will also be looking at using speech correctly in our stories. In non- fiction writing we will be writing explanation texts and non-chronological reports. The children will be sent home spellings with tests happening weekly. Thank you in advance for your support encouraging the learning of them.




Reading at home is greatly encouraged. Please can the children have their reading records signed to show they have read five times during a week. It can be anything at all (comics, internet articles, game instructions etc.) but please make notes and comments. We are looking in detail at comprehension of what we are reading questioning the children on what they have read is greatly appreciated.




In maths lessons, we will be looking at shape, measure, time and statistics mainly this half term. We will still be learning a range of methods for calculating larger multiplication and division, as well as learning our times table facts so we can recall them quickly and accurately. Homework will link to this – always focusing on multiplication and division facts. They will receive a house point if they complete these and return them back to school. Again help learning table facts is greatly appreciated.




The Year 4 children in South Africa class will be drumming again this term on a Monday afternoon.. In computing we will be deepening our understanding of programming skills through programs like Scratch and improving our multimedia skills using software like powerpoint. In Core Learning Skills Mrs Cannings will be running PHSE lessons with the children. We are also very grateful that Mr G will also be running Spanish lessons as a modern foreign language with the children - please ask the children what new words they have learnt!



The children will be doing a variety of forest school activities alongside PE lessons with Miss Davis on Thursday afternoon. Please make sure your child has their Forest school/PE kit every Thursday. PE will also happen during the week with me so please ensure PE kit stays in school.



Home Learning Activities- Summer 2


Home learning tasks have been sent home separately and your child can complete as many of these as they wish. They can change the task being as creative as they want, and it is expected that at least two tasks are finished. These tasks can be brought in at any point during the half term. Homework will also go out weekly with a focus on spelling and times tables.

Each of these activities are worth the stated number of dojo points. You can complete them in any order.


For 2 dojo points =

Research the River Tone, where is it? Can you draw a picture of it on a map? Can you label nearby towns and villages?


For 2 dojo points  =

Draw a River Monster



For 2 dojo points =

Research a major river from either England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. Where is it? How long is it? Where is the source and the mouth?


For 5 dojo points=

Find a major river from each of the continents. Find out 5 facts about them.




For 5 dojo points=

Make something related to a river using found materials. It could be a model of a river, a boat, a bridge or an animal. Be creative!

For 5 dojo points=

Make a fact file about at least 5 different animals that live in or near to a river. Perhaps you could make Top Trumps cards.



For 8 dojo points  =

Create a cartoon strip involving a story  about a river. It needs to include pictures. These can be from what you have taken or the internet or you can draw them. The story needs to be well structured and interesting to read.


For 8 dojo points =

Make something to do with a river either by sewing, baking or painting.




For 8 dojo points =

Write a story or create your own poem based on a river or bridge. (Maybe include your River Monster!)






For 10 dojo points =

Create a poster based on Safety around the river. How should people be safe around the river? What can you say or draw to help them be careful?

For 10 dojo points=

Create a poster based on Environmental safety. How should we protect the river? What about dropping litter? How should we make sure rivers stay around for a long time?

For 10 dojo points =

Create a Powerpoint presentation about a River – either factual or a story.



Please feel welcome to see me with any queries you may have, or if you just wanted to have a look at your child’s books.

Thank you, Mr Murphy.

Reading at home for Key Stage 2