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Spring 1 2018

The Egyptians





Our topic for this term is learning all about the Egyptians, specifically this half term we will be looking at:


· Understanding the importance of the Ancient Egyptians

· Locating Egypt

· Hieroglyphics

· Understanding the importance of farming and the River Nile to the Ancient Egyptians.

. Mummification/Afterlife



In our fiction writing we will be focussing on Historical Narratives. Non-fiction writing we will be learning about recounts and explanation texts to share detailed information. The children will have spellings sent home every Tuesday, with tests happening the Tuesday after. Thank you in advance for your support encouraging the learning of them.



Reading at home is greatly encouraged. Please can the children have their reading records signed to show they have read five times during a week. It can be anything at all (comics, internet articles, game instructions etc.) but please make notes and comments. We are looking in detail at comprehension of what we are reading questioning the children on what they have read is greatly appreciated.



In maths lessons, first we will be consolidating multiplication and division methods. Then we will look at using and calculating with money. We also be handling data and using statistics to reason and problem solve. House points will be awarded for children showing that they are learning and/or practicing their times tables at home.



Year 3 will be introduced to coding in ICT alongside editing simple programmes. Our core learning skill this half term will be “Working Independently” and I will be running PHSE lessons with the children during class assemblies on Tuesday afternoons. We are also very grateful that Mr G will also be running Spanish lessons as a modern foreign language with the children on Friday Mornings– please ask the children what new words they have learnt.



The children will NOT have Forest School Term this half term, but will return the week we return to school for the 2nd Spring half term. PE will still happen every Tuesday with me so please ensure a PE kit is provided.

The weather will still be cold and wet but we will try to be outside during PE and break times as much as possible so could children please have their coats in school at all times.



Home Learning Activities- Spring 1

Children can change these tasks being as creative as they want, and it is expected that at least two tasks are finished. These tasks can be brought in at any point during the half term. Homework will also go out weekly with a focus on spelling and times tables. There will be an Egyptian based project provided around the start of the half term which will be need to completed and shared amongst the class before the end of the first half term.




Write about what it would be like to live as an Egyptian.


5 dojo points




Can you think of 3 ideas to give to our school councillor?



3 dojo points




Design a model of something to do with the Egyptians e.g. Pyramids, Sarcophagus


3 dojo points




Learn all your times tables up to 9 X 12.

Find out how the Egyptians used to count.


5 dojo points





Learn an Egyptian song or a tune and perform it to the class.


3 dojo points






Write an acrostic poem based on; Egyptians


4 dojo points







Write a report on the Egyptians; Mummification, Gods, Lifestyle,


5 dojo points


Share your writing with the class


2 dojo points




Explain what materials and engineering was needed to build the Pyramids.

5 dojo points










Draw or paint a picture relating to the Egyptians. E.g.

Hieroglyphics, Artworks


3 dojo points








I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that we are refreshed to return to learning. I am always available with any queries you may have, or if you just wanted to have a look at your child’s books.


Many Thanks

Year 3 Japan Class – Mr. Goodchild

Reading at home for Key Stage 2