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Germany (Year 1)

Welcome to Germany Class! 


Our topic for Autumn 2 is:

Starry Night

















Our topic will allow us to look at the different stars in the sky and the different seasons we have during the year. Additionally we can look into seasons in different countries.



This half term we will be looking at writing based on persuasion and the different seasons. This will give the children an understanding that writing can be used for different purposes. We will also be looking at using our senses to write poetry based around the change of weather and seasons. We will also be looking at stories based around our topic and writing a set of instructions.



We will be focussing on learning new sounds and using them to decode unfamiliar words. Children will be sent home with spellings and sounds to practise. A list of the common exception words will be given out as well to give you an idea of what is expected of Year 1/2 spellings.





This half term children will be focusing on the following areas of mathematics:

· Number: Addition and Subtraction

· Measure: Shape

· Reasoning and Problem Solving



Children will be taught to:

· Mix black and white to a colour to change shades and tones of the colour.

· Looking at an artist and how we can recreate their work using different brushes strokes.




Our focus this half term will be on looking at the changes in the seasons and how it affects our weather, plants and animals.




As well as looking at how our seasons affect our weather we will be looking at different countries and how it may be different there, as well as how they celebrate Christmas. Additionally we will look at the stars from different countries including the northern lights.




In our PE lessons we are going to focus on dance. We will look at how we can use and move our bodies in different ways to create dance movements at different speeds and levels.



RE and music will be covered by Mrs Powell-Thomas on Monday afternoons.






Children will continue to bring a reading book home every night. Please sign and date the reading diary as you hear your child read. Reading has a great impact on your child’s learning therefore we recommend little and often as being the key to reading success.

We will check reading diaries every morning but if you have a question or concern about your child’s reading please come and see us.

Even if your child has not had time to read at home, please make sure you bring their book and diary in each day as this means we can read with them in school.



Germany class will not be doing forest school this half term as we rotate classes each half term. Therefore they will not need their forest school clothes or wellies in school.




Brazil Class will still be doing P.E. on Thursdays. PE Kit is needed in school every day as this may change depending on weather and other circumstances. These are best left in school on your child’s peg.





It is very important for your child to stay hydrated during the day. Therefore we are asking for children to bring in their own named bottle to have in the classroom. Due to hygiene reasons we will no longer be keeping cups in class therefore it is very important that you bring in a water bottle.



The children’s home learning this half term is a series of different activities. Please see separate home learning sheet. Your child is welcome to complete as many activities as they would like, but must complete at least two. It’s lovely for the children to share their home learning in school. We will share home learning during show and tell on Friday afternoon.

Show and tell is for homework and special events (e.g. gymnastic award, trophies, new baby, etc). We are asking that the children do not bring toys into school as this is against school policy and we do not want them to get lost or damaged at school.



Home Learning Activities - Autumn 2 Starry Night


Date due: Thursday 21st December 2017 (or any time before)




Can you research and create a poster to explain what animals hibernate in the winter and why?


Make a class rules poster on how we can be safe on the internet.



Collect objects (eg. leaves, sticks, etc.) to create an autumn/winter picture.

Can you create your own autumn leaf wreath and write a set of instructions to explain how you made it.

Using anything you want, create a model of how the trees change through the different seasons.





Write a recount of something you have done over the weekend that is to do with autumn/winter (eg. a walk over the hills collecting pine cones, a trip to a Christmas market etc.)

Find a poem about the stars in the sky, or a starry night. Bring it in to read to the class and explain to us why you like it.

Create a picture using lots of different shapes and label them.



Teacher’s Feedback

Please try to do at least two of the above. Share your home learning with us! Bring items, pictures or photos into school and we will share them during show and tell on Friday afternoons. All home learning is celebrated with the class and put on display. Happy home learning!

Reading at home for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1