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Germany (Year 1)

Welcome to Germany Class

Our topic for Summer 1 is:

Why is water precious?



















This half term we will be focusing on how water is important to us and the world around us. We will research all the different uses of water and investigate different experiments using water.



This half term we have the opportunity to write a non-chronological report based on an animal that lives in or near water. During this the children will research and plan their own report and they will make sure to use the grammar elements we have been learning, for example commas and questions. We will also be looking at stories based around the sea and writing an explanation text on how to plant a seed.



We will be focussing on learning new sounds and using them to decode unfamiliar words. Children will be sent home with spellings and sounds to practise. Please continue to practise these at home ready for the spelling test on a Wednesday.






This half term children will be focusing on the following areas of mathematics:

  • Number: Multiplication and Division, multiples of 2, 5 and 10
  • Number: Fractions
  • Geometry: Position and Direction



Children will be taught to:

  • How to create art using different materials
  • How the use of water can change paint



During this topic we will be lucky enough to be able to do lots of different experiments. We will look at how water is needed to grow plants and how different objects are absorbent and waterproof. We will also look at what different animals live in the water and how they survive.




When looking at water and its uses, we will look at how different countries and environments have different amounts of water. We will also look at how it is not easy for everyone in the world to have easy access to water.




This half term we will be finishing off our multi-skills activities. Then we will be moving onto athletics and practising for Sports Day. We will focus on running, jumping and throwing, the building blocks of athletics, which in turn underpin nearly all other sports and physical activities. The children will progress to more complex movement patterns and should be able to execute them with increasing efficiency through practice and training.



Music will be covered by Mrs Powell-Thomas on Tuesday afternoons.





Children will continue to bring a reading book home every night. Please sign and date the reading diary as you hear your child read.  Reading has a great impact on your child’s learning therefore we recommend little and often as being the key to reading success.

Each time your child reads at home, he/she is entered into our class reading raffle which is selected at random on Friday afternoons. We will check reading diaries every morning but if you have a question or concern about your child’s reading please come and see us.

Even if your child has not had time to read at home, please make sure you bring their book and diary in each day as this means we can read with them in school.





Forest School will be every other Friday as Year 1 and 2 are sharing weeks with Early Years/Pre-school classes throughout the whole Summer. This half term, Brazil and Germany will be having forest school on the following dates:

Friday 13th April 2018

Friday 27th April 2018

Friday 11th May 2018

Friday 25th May 2018

Please make sure their forest school clothes are in on those dates. This includes wellies that can be left in school as long as they are named.




Germany Class will still be doing P.E. on Mondays. PE Kit is needed in school every day as this may change depending on weather and other circumstances. These are best left in school on your child’s peg.









It is very important for your child to stay hydrated during the day. Therefore we are asking for children to bring in their own named bottle to have in the classroom. Due to hygiene reasons we will no longer be keeping cups in class therefore it is very important that you bring in a water bottle as there are no water fountains in school.



The children’s home learning this half term is a series of different activities. Please see separate home learning sheet. Your child is welcome to complete as many activities as they would like, but must complete at least two. It’s lovely for the children to share their home learning in school. We will share home learning during show and tell on Friday afternoon.

Show and tell is for homework and special events (e.g. gymnastic award, trophies, new baby, etc). We are asking that the children do not bring toys into school as this is against school policy and we do not want them to get lost or damaged at school.
















Home Learning Activities - Summer 1

Classes: Brazil and Germany Topic Focus - Why is water previous?


Date due: Friday 25th May 2018 (or any time before)


Research what different animals live in fresh water and salt water. Create a fact booklet to share with the class.

Write a set of instructions on how you can walk from the school gate to our classroom. E.g. 10 steps forward. Turn right. 5 steps forward.




Create a shoebox water environment full of animals that would live there. E.g. waterhole in grasslands, river bank, Great Barrier Reef.



Use materials to build a bridge that holds 25g.




Find different objects at home and see what floats and what sinks. Record your results.






Write an underwater story. It can be about anything you want underwater. E.g. mermaids, mystical sea creatures, dolphins etc.


Create a water safety poster for children that go swimming at the beach or in a swimming pool.




Create a poster or fact book to encourage children to drink more water.




Teacher’s Feedback

Please try to do at least two of the above. Share your home learning with us! Bring items, pictures or photos into school and we will share them during show and tell on Friday afternoons. All home learning is celebrated with the class and put on display. Happy home learning!


Reading at home for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1