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Beech (Year 5)

Welcome to Beech Class! 




Welcome to Summer 1 -
this half term our topic will be:



Mission to Mars




This half term our writing will be linked to the topic and covered a wide variety of writing types including; Play scripts, diary writing and instructional texts.




In Grammar we shall be learning about expanded noun phrases, sentence structure and proof reading our own work.





This half term we will be focussing on:

Properties of number,  including negative numbers and prime numbers.

Shape and Space,  position and direction, and area and Perimeter.





The idea behind the topic is that life can’t be maintained on planet Earth, so we are looking to Mars to relocate.  So, what do we need to be able to survive there?  We will look at nutrition and how we feed ourselves.  This will include a visit to a farm.  How do our bodies work: including how our hearts pump blood around our bodies?  How do plants grow and reproduce.  We will also look at the Earth and stars and how our Solar System is organised.



We shall be doing observational drawing of plants using water colours, making a collage of a science fiction animal and then designing our own in clay.  We will also be designing and making our own space buggies.



We will be using the theme of the solar system to develop our listening and appreciation skills.  Using ‘Music of the Starry Night’ by George Crumb and ‘The Planet Suite’ by Gustav Holst




PE kits should be in school every day.  It’s helpful if your child needs a change of clothes for some reason, in the summer we may do additional PE sessions.  PE and Forest School is on a Wednesday it is hard for your child if they don’t have the right equipment.





Please encourage your child to read daily.  Good readers become better writers and there is a lot of evidence that reading will increase I.Q, so a well worthwhile activity.  Children that read 5 times a week will be entered into a weekly raffle draw. Please remember to write the pages read, date and sign the reading log book.   




Each term the children will bring home a list of spellings to learn each week.  They will be tested on a Friday and will then go on to the next week’s spellings. Spellings will be linked to patterns, tricky words and expected vocabulary for Year 5.




To support and develop quick recall of key maths facts, children will complete a short maths activity each morning.  This consists of 10 mental arithmetic questions, 10 times-tables questions and 10 based on key skills.





Homework will be set to support learning completed in school. This will include daily reading, weekly spelling and tables tests as well as activities from the home learning sheet.


If you have anything you wish to discuss, please let us know. Thank you in advance for your support.

Mr. Durant/ Mr Jewell

Year 5 Class Teachers



Home Learning Activities - Mission to Mars - Summer 2

The children’s home learning this term is a series of different activities, each worth a different number of housepoints. Please see separate home learning sheet. Your child is welcome to complete as many activities as they would like, but must complete at least one.


Theme Focus: Mission to Mars
Date Due: Friday 14th July 2017

Class: Beech



Make up a story set on a space station in the future. 5 house-points



To be a space engineer you have to be good at maths and physics so learn all your tables to 10 x 10 (rapid recall)

10 housepoints



Design the ultimate spacesuit, don’t forget to annotate all the design features

1 house-points




Write a report on anything that interests you about space.

5 house-points



Design a set of  rules/ laws for the new community on Mars

3 house-points




Make up a piece of music or a song that is inspired by Space.  Record it or perform it to us.

4 house-points





Make a MRSNERG poster

2 house-points



Draw or paint a picture inspired by one of the Greek constellation myths

3 house-points





Make a model of a space ship

1 house-points





Design a new constellation.  Measure the distances and angles between the stars so you can instruct someone else to draw it.

5 house-points



Read a science fiction or a fact book about space and write a book review

5 house-points




Make a model of a space station

3 house-points





If you have anything you wish to discuss, please let us know. Thank you in advance for your support.

Mr. Durant/ Mr Jewell

Year 5 Class Teacher




Reading at home for Key Stage 2